The Best Top GPT and Rewards Sites for 2015

Here we are the year 2015 and GPT has been around for over a decade. It sure is a different landscape nowadays. The days of many easy offers are behind us. but there is still money to be made. Most the money made on GPT sites is coming from these activities, Daily Surveys, CrowdFlower Tasks,Videos and Clicks. There are a few great GPT sites that focus on these ways to earn. Lets start our list with those sites.

  1. – This site gets top spot for being tailored to these new ways of earning. Also this site offers it’s services to the most countries and it is the oldest most trusted rewards site on this list.
  2. – Available to many countries and specializing in online gift codes. There are over 90 Gift Codes to choose from as well as cash options. The website is very user friendly and has great fast support.
  3. – This is the kind of GPT site that caters to the user, with a small user base you will get personal attention from the staff and also have great odds at winning contests..

These three sites are all you need. But if you want to see the full list of GPT sites go to

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